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Vizinada and Rakotule, Istria

To the north of Visnjan, on the road which leads to Motovun through the Mirna valley (8.5 km from Visnjan) is Vizinada. In the centre of this small town stands the 19th century, neo-classical Church of St. Jerome (Sveti Jeronim) which was built on the site of an 11th century Romanesque church. A communal Baroque cistern has also been preserved. Beside the road, above the town, there is a war memorial to those who fell in the 2nd World War, which is the work of Nenad Krivic.

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Visnjan, Istria

On the road to Motovun, 13 km from Porec, lies the compact town of Visnjan. It has a wide square and a loggia with a view over the sea. It has been inhabited since ancient times. In the parish church there are three paintings on canvas which date from the 16th century, in the style of Palma the Younger and a painting of the Madonna, which is the work of the Zadar master, Zorzo Ventura (1598). The Chapel of St. Anthony (Sveti Antun) at the entrance to the town, is a simple Gothic building with 16th century frescoes and a wooden carving of St. Anthony, the Abbot, from the same period.

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Motovun, Istria

The town grew up on the site of an ancient city (Kastelijer) 277 m above sea level. In the 10th and 11th centuries it belonged to the Bishop of Porec. From 1278 it was taken over by Venice and surrounded by solid walls which are still intact today, and are now used as a walkway with unique views over the four corners of Istria. Below the old buildings in the centre of the town, suburbs grew up on the south west with Gothic gates.

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Sveti Lovrec, Istria

Although the present settlement of Sveti Lovrec probably dates from the 9th or 10th century, the layout of the town and remains of old walls witness to the fact that Lovrec was in fact inhabited in prehistoric times. At the beginning of the 14th century, it was the centre of the Venetian military command in Istria, and then the seat of military leaders for the area of Istria south of the river Mirna (hence the old name Sveti Lovrec Pazenaticki, from paize - Venetian for province).

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The Basilica of Euphrasius, Porec

This is actually a complex of buildings constituting a rare example of early Christian (early Byzantine) architecture. The building was consecrated by Bishop Euphrasius in the 6th century and now consists of a four sided atrium, an octagonal baptistery (to the west of the atrium), a triple-naved basilica, joined to a trefoil-shaped memorial chapel, an elliptical narthex (to the east) and the Bishop's Palace (to the north).

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